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Meditation Class

We are looking for the perfect site for UPUP:

- 100+ acres of quiet, clean wilderness land, 20-      80 minutes from Marquette, MI

- Structures to accommodate 50 people or more,    after renovations

- Water access (Pond/Lake/River)

- Farmable areas

- Established forested areas

- Barn and/or other outbuildings

The Ashram

Free Range Chicken Farm

Have you ever wished there was a place that you could go to be cared for and reestablish yourself?

Are you aware of the enormous current need for respectful, compassionate, effective care to accommodate the skyrocketing numbers of people who feel unable to cope or function in today's world?

UPUP Community is being built for anyone in search of peace and reconnection with the natural world. Staff and program participants will live side by side, relearning what it means to relate and live in a healthy way. There will be a full spectrum of natural therapies and integrated programming available to anyone in the community regardless of what level of healing one is working on.

We will have on-site:


Psychotherapy and other specialized therapies

Nutritious food service and personal nutritional assessment/guidance

Peer support groups

Hermitages for individual retreat

Vocational training and multiple cottage industries

Expansive wilderness access

Program participants will typically be invited for a 3 month stay, with possibilities for continuation within the community or assistance transitioning on to their next chapter.

The entire project is based in appropriate-level meditation practice, to heal us all at a foundational level and to foster balanced communication, relationship and action.

Hands in the Soil


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