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How can I help? By redeveloping relationship with ourselves, with nature, with our community and with the world.

In an effort to cultivate awareness, acceptance, self-discipline and understanding within self and community, staff and program participants meditate together daily. Each person is encouraged and guided to find their own place in this practice, employing the principles of Insight (Vipassana) meditation.

The residential center will be located to provide a 'wilderness retreat' atmosphere, within an active and engaged community setting. Services available to both staff and program participants include:

  • Psychotherapy

  • Massage

  • Nutritional therapy

  • Appropriate level meditation instruction

  • Nature therapy

  • A healthy and positive living environment

Additionally, program participants will work with a team of providers and peer advocates to create an individualized plan for:

  • Vocational training

  • Addiction recovery

  • Returning citizen reentry

  • Identifying any other services required

The program will be initially funded by donations and grants. Within 10 years, the cottage industries and simple living practices employed will allow the community to become self-sufficient, not requiring outside funding at all. At this point, any proceeds generated beyond immediate operating costs will be used to expand current occupancy or develop similar programs in different areas.

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Beautiful. I admire your vision and work! You remind me of Windhorse's philosophy. Bravo!!

Gefällt mir
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