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What we are building:

The UP Unity Project will provide personalized, nature and community-based life relearning, for those with stress related disorders in Marquette and the surrounding area. We will offer education, research, sustainable living skills and multi-level healing of mind, body and environment. Services such as psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, nature therapy, massage, individual-appropriate meditation, vocational training, emotional support animals and more, will be available in a residential setting, according to self-identified need and regardless of prescription, insurance or ability to pay.

As a non-profit launched through grants and donations, we will fill many of the gaps in current mental health services and provide a new level of accessibility. Built into the plan is financial support for services increasingly coming from vocational training and multiple cottage industries within the community. These will also provide a source of healing and self-sufficiency to the program participants.

What we need:

  • Meditators

  • Program participants

  • Administrators

  • Therapists and natural healers of all sorts

  • Bookkeeper/Accountant

  • Social media specialists/promoters

  • House/groundskeepers

  • Cooks

  • Gardeners/livestock managers

  • Foragers/naturalists

  • Builders/handipersons

  • Correctional system liaisons

  • Educational liaisons/researchers/students

  • Collaborative, existing programs

  • A Site:

- 100+ acres of quiet, clean wilderness land, 20-80 minutes from Marquette, MI

- Structures to accommodate 50 people or more, after renovations

- Water access (Pond/Lake/River)

- Farmable areas

- Established forested areas

- Barn and/or other outbuildings

  • Donations:

Would you like to contribute to the foundational healing of our world in a way that

is ultimately self-sustaining and evolutionary?

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