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Who will this community benefit?

  1. The healing program will be available to anyone in the UP, first serving the Marquette area, based in self-identified need, regardless of prescription, insurance or ability to pay.

  2. UPUP will create many paying jobs, and turn previously unemployable people into responsible, happy, contributing members of society.

  3. It will benefit the taxpayers, by providing an effective, sustainable and self-supporting place of foundational healing that is far less expensive than the current mental health and corrections department systems.

We are a growing community of (self) healers, meditators, co-conSPIRITors and friends. If this mission calls to you and you are interested in living and relating naturally, in a place of mindfulness and compassion, come get involved. As is necessary for the development of thriving community, we are looking for people with diverse backgrounds, skills and personalities.

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